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Transposer - unique text editor for musicians and music amateurs!

Tell, whether you dealed with the texts of songs with chords? Probably, everyone, who held in hands a guitar, or tried to play on a synthesizer, did it. I at all do not speak about professional musicians, which use them every day!

If you have interested in this page, probably you also frequently had to search the Internet for the texts and chords of new and old songs, as now there are very many sites, which offer such texts.

During a time you collect such set of various files that it becomes difficult to find out a text of necessary song in it! Besides sometimes the song is written in ONE key, that may not be a comfortable guitar key (or what instrument you play) or fit your vocal range.

Transposer solves these and similar problems.


Karaoke-to-Text-with-Chords Logo

Karaoke-to-Text-with-Chords - musical program, which retrieves text of songs from karaoke files and determines chords for them.

A situation: you download from the Net a fresh karaoke file, open it in a player - and understand, that this song, which you searched for a long time. Certainly you want to try to play it on a guitar or synthesizer.

Earlier you had to go to a some site in WWW, on which the texts of songs with chords are placed, and you tried to find this song there. BUT WHAT FOR? You see you ALREADY have this song, professionally picked up. You just only have to "pass" it through our program.



File Comparator - file compare utility. This utility quickly compares contents of any files in specified folders, and then shows pairs of files that contain same data. The program has easy-to-use interface. And it's a freeware!


06/01/2005: We move to MyMusicSoft.com! Our old site will not be updated any more.

03/23/2011: MyMusic Transposer text editor has been updated. All registered users of the program are eligible for a free upgrade!